Ambere Porter, BA., MAL

Contemporary painter based in Beaumont, Alberta, Canada

Ambere's paintings are directly influenced by her experiences working in crime prevention. Many pieces are titled and inspired by the grim underlying causes of suffering and the vibrant spirit of human hope.

Ambere wrote, "I am always looking to be free - free of memories, painful thoughts and physical pain. Even when I am sleeping I search my dreams for an exit, every single night. Birds seem to have a freedom that we can't access and that's partly why they are the main subjects of my work". 


Tiny details, hidden poems and metallic elements are features of Ambere's work. This site only shows a portion of the collection, some prints and custom work are available. Her work is sold through private galleries in BC and Alberta. 

Prices range by size from $550 to $6500 and by print, style of canvas, framed, unframed or gallery wrapped.

Inquiries are welcome to:


Drip, a Meditation on Office Work, 2017 - Detail

Fires of Lebanon 2020 - Detail
Fires of Lebanon, 2020 - Print Detail


June 10-12, 2022

Exhibition of the Half-Century, Private show

Jasper, Alberta


Survive the Pandemic


Ambere Porter (1).png

Winter 2022

Edmonton, Alberta

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